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If podcasting is in your future, with Someone Talked Media you're putting your trust in a radio and podcast veteran of over 20 years producing audio talk content that is entertaining, relevant and informational. 

David C. Guggenheim founded Someone Talked Media to bring high class, professional grade production experience to businesses and individuals alike. Now is a perfect time to begin a podcast, make sure your content is where it needs to be to catapult your podcast to success.


Executive Producer & Podcast Thought Leader

David C. Guggenheim, founder of Someone Talked Media, has been creating, producing and editing professional audio and talk content for over 20 years alongside some of the biggest names in the business.

Beginning his radio journey on UCSB's college radio station to then producing the nationally syndicated, Michael Reagan Show to his incredible work as SiriusXM on the pioneering channel OutQ David has covered the gamut of talk content. Having success there, David went on to be promoted to Executive Producer of SiriusXM LEFT, then promoted again to program director while he founded the only national progressive talk outlet, SiriusXM Progress. 


Having produced and overseen some of the most popular shows on SIRIUSXM he has now turned his talents towards the flourishing world of podcasting. David lives in Jupiter, FL with his wife and three children.

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