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No two people are the same and no two podcasts are the same either. Get the professional help you deserve in setting up your podcast right. Someone Talked Media treats you and your podcast like the individual you are. We go through a comprehensive process to maximize your podcasting power offering tailor made action plans to supercharge your podcast.

Show Launch

Whether you’re a hobbyist, or a business looking to enhance your brand with a podcast, this is the plan for you. Take your podcast journey with someone who has launched countless shows, with companies like Media Matters and DailyKos, who will help you with everything from picking the right microphone and equipment, to recording your trailer and first episode.

Show Production

Hosting is hard enough, but has producing your show become untenable? If you find yourself needing help, from editing, to booking guests, to writing show notes, to posting your show on-time, you’ve come to the right place. Allow David into your podcasting arena and we will work together to manage your show’s workflow.

Podcast Consultation

You have a podcast, but it just isn’t everything it could be. After a free 60-minute consultation David will enmesh himself in your show’s library, getting to know the hosts and understanding your challenges. No matter your needs, from format to sound design, together we will form a plan to get your show sounding the way you want it to sound.

Coaching Sessions

Hosting is an artform and like all great artists, it takes time to master your craft. Allow David to do with you what he did with legendary talent at places like SiriusXM and Premiere Radio Networks. You are the talent, allow David to come into your creative world and together we will get you in the right mindset to perform.

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